Drive music

Nikita Fedorov


Gennadiy Vorozhbitov


Sergey Vorozhbytov


Sergey Vorozhbytov


Sergey Kurta


Nikita Fedorov


Sergey Kurta


Nikita Fedorov


Gennadiy Vorozhbitov


Nikita Fedorov


Sergey Kurta


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Package solution
  • Audiobooks. Remastered

    Remastering the album! Perfect music for fresh reading of audiobooks.

  • Rock Light

    A great musical option for the most exciting projects

  • Piano & cello

    A classic musical combination for your projects

  • Music for You Tube

    Buy and download music with a license for use on YouTube

  • Trailer Music vol.2

    Create your own masterpieces!

  • Vlog Music

    A new selection of great compositions for blogs or advertising. YouTube, Vimeo, TikTok & more

  • Moldova

    Lively Romanian & Gypsy folk music

  • Funk

    Upbeat music to make you feel good!

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One-month subscription

Price: 63 €/month

Drive Music - album filled with energy

Voice a commercial about cars or record a fashionable youth audio ad. Make a stylish image video about a rock club or a cool video for TikTok. Choose music for your YouTube channel, where you talk about motorcycles or mauting bikes. Or buy a licensed track for your gaming stream on Twich. All this is possible with our album of great driving music! Buy any track that you like and make your media products bright, fashionable and stylish. We took care of everything else. Documents with the license information are downloaded together with the archive. Bought, downloaded, use!

What RECsquare Music offers you

Licensed music library offers a wide range of tracks for any task. Voice your commercials, presentations, and infographics. You can use our high-quality music to voice a video for YouTube or Vimeo. Create powerful and engaging social media content. Facebook instagram, TicToc — on any of these modern platforms, our music files will pass copyright checks without any problems.

All rights to the music in our library belong to RECsquare. You will not have any problems if you decide to use files when decorating space in cafes, restaurants, and public places. No payments to the Russian Copyright society (RAO) will be required. You are not required to collect packages of documents and report to any controlling organizations.

The library of licensed music is constantly updated with new albums and tracks. Stay tuned on our website and in our mailing list. We are happy to sign a contract with production studios and digital services and grant exclusive rights to use music You can use any tracks with almost no restrictions.