Podcast music

Andrey Pronin


Andrew Dubov


Gennadiy Vorozhbitov


RSM Aram Mirzoyanz


Gennadiy Vorozhbitov


RSM Aram Mirzoyanz


Mark Zinchenko


Grigoryan Zaven


Andrew Dubov


Mark Zinchenko


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  • Christmas magic

    Traditional festive music for Christmas greetings, imbued with an atmosphere of magical celebration

  • Russian Tales

    A compilation album of unique ancient Russian music

  • Modern Pop

    Modern Pop music for all. Suitable for radio, advertising and more

  • Corporate Life

    A collection of stunning music. Fresh, invigorating, motivating

  • Corporate v.2020

    An unforgettable journey into the World of the Future with our new electronic album!

  • Piano & cello

    A classic musical combination for your projects

  • Music for You Tube

    Buy and download music with a license for use on YouTube

  • Trailer Music vol.1

    Music ... must capture and motivate. This album presents a wide selection of very beautiful tracks for advertising or documentaries

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Music for the podcast. Download and mount

On this page, we've collected a few tracks that you can use to voice the podcast. Of course, you can easily choose the track that best suits the theme and mood of the podcast from our extensive collection of licensed music files. Use any album, listen to tracks from of the directory.

This compilation "Music for podcast" is designed for both professional studios of production and audio production, and for amateurs who record and voice podcasts on their own. The most important point that we draw your attention to: all our music is sold with documents. This allows you to safely use a ready-made podcast on any streaming service.

Do not be afraid of blocking and sanctions. Focus on your creativity!

What RECsquare Music offers you

Licensed Music Library RECsquare.com it offers a wide selection of the most diverse tracks for solving any problems. Voice your commercials, presentations, and infographics. With our high-quality music, you can voice a video for YouTube or Vimeo. Create powerful and engaging social media content. Facebook Instagram, TicToc — on any of these modern platforms, our music files will pass copyright checks without any problems.