Music for presentation


Gennadiy Vorozhbitov


Vladislav Yurchenko


Dmitry Vokhmintsev


Vladislav Yurchenko


Dmitry Vokhmintsev


Dmitry Vokhmintsev


Gennadiy Vorozhbitov


Dmitry Vokhmintsev


Vladislav Yurchenko


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  • Timelapse v.1

    Tracks for in-depth informative content. Musical fantasies and relaxing compositions to suit every taste

  • Middle Asia

    A delicate mosaic of rhythms and melodies - mysterious and intoxicating

  • Drive music

    Do you need to inject some drive energy into your project? Try this album

  • Corporate Distinction

    These light, melodic, bright and useful tracks will emphasize the uniqueness of your brand

  • Audiobooks

    Do you voice audiobooks? Our new album is for you

  • Trailer Music vol.2

    Create your own masterpieces!

  • Altcore

    Emotional music that pushes boundaries

  • Corporate Beat

    Fun and relaxing music that will put you in a great mood and give you a boost throughout the whole working week!

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Music for presentations. Let the business sound!

RECsquare Music has been working on the market of voice-over, licensed, and authored content for many years. And here's what we noticed: many studios engaged in the production of presentations often let the musical design of their product recede into the background. High-quality graphics, excellent design... It's a pleasure to watch. Unfortunately, it is not always pleasant to listen. 

We can only guess what caused it. Lack of time, funding, or both. But in media products, not the best quality music for presentations is often played, clearly produced by non-professionals. It sounds dull, gray, plain. And one of the most common mistakes is the use of "shopworn" tracks. 

The melody, which has already been used repeatedly in early works, is only half the problem. It may well turn out that the rights to it were limited to only one project. And then, the "copyright" filters on the most famous video hosting sites or social networking can block your presentation. We recommend that you play for safety and purchase a music track license from us.

The RECsquare licensed music library offers you only high-quality, bright, and modern solutions. Music for presentations in 2021. All music is created by professional composers, real artists. They were given the task to compose high-quality tracks that will fully correspond to the spirit of the time, the mood of the market leaders. 

From the collection "Music for presentations," you can buy a single track or several tracks. Still, if you are engaged in producing presentations at a professional level, we recommend that you purchase the entire album in full. So you can save a significant amount and make your customers the most profitable offer.

What RECsquare Music offers you

Licensed music library offers a wide range of tracks for any task. Voice your commercials, presentations, and infographics. You can use our high-quality music to voice a video for YouTube or Vimeo. Create powerful and engaging social media content. Facebook instagram, TicToc — on any of these modern platforms, our music files will pass copyright checks without any problems.

All rights to the music in our library belong to RECsquare. You will not have any problems if you decide to use files when decorating space in cafes, restaurants, and public places. No payments to the Russian Copyright society (RAO) will be required. You are not required to collect packages of documents and report to any controlling organizations.

The library of licensed music is constantly updated with new albums and tracks. Stay tuned on our website and in our mailing list. We are happy to sign a contract with production studios and digital services and grant exclusive rights to use music You can use any tracks with almost no restrictions.