Music for You Tube

Maxim Nikolaev


Grigoryan Zaven


Maxim Nickolaev


Maxim Nickolaev


RSM Aram Mirzoyanz


Vladislav Yurchenko


Andrey Pronin


Grigoryan Zaven


Maxim Nikolaev


Andrey Pronin


Maxim Nickolaev


Maxim Nikolaev


Grigoryan Zaven


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Package solution
  • Corporate Inspiration

    Dynamic music for business presentations and corporate videos

  • Middle Asia

    A delicate mosaic of rhythms and melodies - mysterious and intoxicating

  • Trailer Music vol.1

    Music ... must capture and motivate. This album presents a wide selection of very beautiful tracks for advertising or documentaries

  • Russian Epics

    A compilation album of Russian folk music

  • Kids

    The amazing world of childhood reflected in sounds! Music for projects for and about children

  • Audiobooks. Remastered

    Remastering the album! Perfect music for fresh reading of audiobooks.

  • Rock Light

    A great musical option for the most exciting projects

  • Modern Pop

    Modern Pop music for all. Suitable for radio, advertising and more

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One-month subscription

Price: 63 €/month

A collection of high-quality music files for the sound design of your videos. All tracks are licensed.

Music for YouTube. In this album, we have collected some tracks that are perfect for use on the most popular streaming service in the world. You can voice the project on YouTube absolutely calmly. No one will block you for using music without copyright. All our tracks have been tested, have a security code and you will have a document confirming the legality of the purchase.

Many people mistakenly believe that music for You Tube is absolutely any file that can be downloaded on social networks or on various sites. Do not forget that each music track has its own author, the owner of the rights. Have you made a cool video or recorded a video blog and decided to decorate it with music that a friend sent you? It's a risk. Your material may not pass the You Tube service filters and it will be blocked. For repeated violations, you can even close your channel.

Don't take any chances. Just buy music for You Tube on the service and sleep well. Your interests are protected.