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Maxim Nickolaev


Maxim Nickolaev


Maxim Nickolaev


Maxim Nickolaev


Maxim Nickolaev


Maxim Nickolaev


Maxim Nickolaev


Maxim Nickolaev


Maxim Nickolaev


Maxim Nickolaev


Maxim Nickolaev


Maxim Nickolaev


Maxim Nickolaev


Maxim Nickolaev


Maxim Nickolaev


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  • Christmas magic

    Traditional festive music for Christmas greetings, imbued with an atmosphere of magical celebration

  • Corporate Beat

    Fun and relaxing music that will put you in a great mood and give you a boost throughout the whole working week!

  • Piano & cello

    A classic musical combination for your projects

  • IVR Music

    Beautiful tracks for IVR and answering machines. Retain a customer

  • Corporate Inspiration

    Dynamic music for business presentations and corporate videos

  • Kids

    The amazing world of childhood reflected in sounds! Music for projects for and about children

  • Middle Asia

    A delicate mosaic of rhythms and melodies - mysterious and intoxicating

  • Russian Epics

    A compilation album of Russian folk music

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One-month subscription

Price: 63 €/month

The best Vlog Music for your adventures

Fly like a bird above the world's countries and cities - today you'll have dinner at the top of a Dubai skyscraper; tomorrow through your camera lens you'll see one of the seven wonders of the world! And of course, your dream is to dominate all the social networks.

RECsquare Music is the perfect musical packaging for your success! In this album we've collected the latest Hip-Hop/Funk rhythms and textures that will emphasize your unique lifestyle.

The gentle sea waves of our Chill and Easy Listening tracks will wash over you, carrying you to warm islands full of amazing secrets and mysteries.

Music for a video blog or podcast is not a problem. Download licensed music of the highest quality in a few clicks. After payment, you will receive an official document and you can safely use the tracks on video hosting and streaming services.

What RECsquare Music offers you

Licensed music library RECsquare.com it offers a wide range of tracks for any task. Voice your commercials, presentations, and infographics. You can use our high-quality music to voice a video for YouTube or Vimeo. Create powerful and engaging social media content. Facebook instagram, TicToc — on any of these modern platforms, our music files will pass copyright checks without any problems.

All rights to the music in our library belong to RECsquare. You will not have any problems if you decide to use files when decorating space in cafes, restaurants, and public places. No payments to the Russian Copyright society (RAO) will be required. You are not required to collect packages of documents and report to any controlling organizations.

The library of licensed music is constantly updated with new albums and tracks. Stay tuned on our website and in our mailing list. We are happy to sign a contract with production studios and digital services and grant exclusive rights to use music RECsquare.com. You can use any tracks with almost no restrictions.