Aleksandr K.
Aleksandr K.
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Aleksandr K.

Gender: Male
Native language:: Russian
Languages: Russian
Age range: Adult, Elderly
Specializations: Actor, Audiobook, Dubbing, IVR, Commercial, Voiceover
Voice timbre: Bass, Deep
Voice characteristics: Solemn, Confident, Gruff, Brutal, Cartoonish, Beautiful
Voice Artist Bio:
Alexander Vladimirovich Klyukvin is one of the most well-known announcers in Russia. He has an impressive portfolio in dubbing: more than 5000 films, TV series. The Russian voice of Alf, a funny character from the American TV series. The first work in dubbing was "DuckTales". In Russia such Hollywood actors as Robert De Niro, Al Pacino, Bernard Farcy, etc. speak using his voice. Incomparable master of audiobooks narration. Alexander brilliantly narrates a variety of audiobooks – from Pushkin to Rowling, from Akunin to Radzinsky.
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