Aleksandr R.
Aleksandr R.
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Aleksandr R.

Gender: Male
Native language:: Russian
Languages: Russian
Age range: Adult, Middle-aged
Specializations: Commercial, Audiobook, Actor, IVR, Dubbing, Voiceover
Voice timbre: Deep
Voice characteristics: Cheerful, Vocalist, Romantic, Beautiful, Confident
Voice Artist Bio:
Alexander Rakhlenko is the Russian voice of Hugh Jackman and Nicolas Cage. During more than 30 years of work, Alexander Rakhlenko has dubbed several thousand films. The most notable dubbing work: the voice of Hugh Jackman ("X-Men"); the voice of Richard Gere ("Hachi: A Dog's Tale"); the voice of Nicolas Cage ("Bangkok Dangerous"); the voice of Mel Gibson ("What women want"); the voice of Jason Statham ("The Transporter"). Today, Alexander Rakhlenko is engaged in his own theater project; actively performs voiceovers for advertising projects and documentaries, and works as a director and dubbing actor.
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