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Gender: Male
Native language:: Russian
Languages: Russian
Age range: Adult, Middle-aged, Elderly
Specializations: Actor, Audiobook, Commercial, Dubbing, IVR, Video games, Voiceover
Voice timbre: Deep
Voice characteristics: Beautiful, Brutal, Cheerful, Confident, Sexy, Solemn
Voice Artist Bio:
Sergey Chonishvili is a professional theatre and film actor, television presenter, voiceover artist and the golden voice of advertising. Of those who are called "federal" announcers. The brand voice of the STS TV channel. Resides in Moscow. He was the one who gave the Russian voice to Beavis and Butt-head, reading for both characters at once. Also, he is the Russian voice of actors like Vin Diesel and Danny Trejo. The slogan for the Snickers brand "Confused? Maybe You Just Need A Snickers", voiced by Chonishvili, has already gone viral. In the area of professional voice-over, Sergey Chonichvili's name is a mark of quality
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