Vladimir E.
Vladimir E.
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Vladimir E.

Gender: Male
Native language:: Russian
Languages: Russian
Age range: Adult
Specializations: Dubbing, Actor, Commercial, Audiobook, Voiceover, IVR
Voice timbre: Bass, Deep
Voice characteristics: Beautiful, Brutal, Cheerful, Confident, Gruff
Voice Artist Bio:
One of the most talented and in-demand masters of voice-over and dubbing. Incredible in its warmth, a signature style slight hoarseness of Yeremin's voice dazzles and captivates. For many years, Vladimir has been combining intensive work in the theater with the profession of a voice actor. Vladimir Eremin is the official Russian voice of the magnificent Al Pacino. Such masterpieces as the Godfather (the trilogy), the Devil's Advocate, Ocean's Eleven, Any Given Sunday, and many others immediately come to mind. And how he voiced the Devil himself in the Constantine movie! Shivers down the spine.
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Russain Real estate Radio Commercial